Socks underway

Taking a break from hats, I've just started on a pair of socks. The yarn is Seacoast Handpainted in color "fire & coal." I had to go down to size 0 needles for this. It' a little thinner than regular fingering weight yarn. I'm used to knitting with size 2 needles with sock weight yarn.


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Very pretty. Socks are on my project list.


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What gauge do you get with this yarn and the 0 size needles?

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Very nice! I love the colors. I just finished A sock, but I don't like. I made the leg too short and it's too balky so I'm going to rip it out and use the yarn for something else.



I really like the yarn/colors--but how can you hold those tiny needles? Twos are a real challenge to me. Good job!

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That's why I don't use wood needles in those smaller sizes, my hands just can't handle them and they bend.

I'm getting 10 sts an inch with the size 0 needles. 8 sts was not giving me the fabric I wanted. The sts were a little too loose for me on size 1s.