"Mermaid" Scarf

I don't get the name of this scarf, so i am hereby changing it to Mint Chocolate Mistake Rib Scarf. The "blocking" I did definitely tamed the fringe down and softenend this wool up quite a bit.


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I don't get the mermaid part either. The scarf is very inviting. How is the fringe done?

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Just venturing a guess as to the name, but the fringe looks a little like the rear fin of a fish. Then again, it could just be drying out contacts, lol. I'm curious how the fringe is done, too. Like the color.

I like the fringe too. The yarn is great. Looks very soft and cozy!

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I love the color. Very nice!

the scarf is wonderful. I am working on a rib knit scarf myself ...but having never made one before I just made 2/2 rib, which means that the ribs really don't show it draws in so tightly. I love how Mistake Rib seems to be more open. Beautiful yarn and I agree with everyone else beautiful fringe.

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Beautiful scarf! Although I must admit, I miss the desperation and frustration that was prevalent in the YSP.
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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basically, here's a link to the pattern: http://home.howstuffworks.com/free-scarf-knitting-patterns15.htm

The fringe is knit from one side to the other, knitting on every row, and binding off all but five stitches after two rows of 25 stitches, then casting the 20 stitches back on...that sounds more complicated than the pattern explains.

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