Na Craga Cable Chart

Does anyone know where I can obtain the chart for the 3 cable pattern in the Na Craga Sweater? I only need the 3 "Horse Shoe" cables in the center. The pattern is apparently no longer in print, it was from 1997. Thanks for any help.



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Sorry, but I dont' konw what the NA CRAGA sweater is, but it's gorgeous!!!!! Did you make that? What yarn is that made out of?

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A single cable directions and chart at Lion brand:

you should just be able to invert for the outer two sections - it looks like there are three or four purls between the sections.


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This pattern is from Alice Starmore's book 'Aran Knitting'. This book is currently on sale at Amazon for 300 bucks - or maybe your local library has a copy.

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There is a pattern very similar to your 'horseshoe cable' pattern in the latest Harmony Guides "Cables and Arans" (250 cabling pattern stitches, a great inspirational sourcebook). I played around with this pattern for a baby blanket idea I had, but the yarn was too bulky for that 'horseshoe' to look nice, so I didn't use it, and went with a simple single cable instead. From what I remember each column was just a C6F immediately followed by a C6B, crossed every 12 rows on a background of reverse stockinette, but don't take my memory for it. I can look it up if you don't have access to the book.

Wonderful looking cable pattern!

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I knitted that sweater pattern years ago, though I don't know if it's right for me to explain the chart patterns from the book (copyright stuff). Unless someone can correct me and let me know that it's OK, I can explain the chart for you. Let me know and good luck. Na Craga was my first Aran sweater and had a lot of fun making it.

He only needs the horseshoe bit, so instead of giving him the chart just write to him as though you are knitting it, e.g k2, sl2f, k2, k2 from cable needle. I don't think anyone has the copyright on stitches - the pattern for the sweater is copyrighted.

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Try this
Panel of 12 sts
Rows 1,3,5, and 7- (wrong side) - K2, P8, K2
Row 2. - P2, sl next 2 sts to dpn and hold in back, k2, the k2 from dpn; sl next 2 sts
tdpn and hold in front, k2 then k2 from dpn; p2.
Rows 4, 6, and 8.- P2, k8, p2.

Reverse double cable
Directions as above except: read “hold in front” instead of “hold in back”, and vice versa
in Row 2.
Repeat 1st 8 Rows for the third cable.


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Thanks for all the tips. This is going to be the pattern on a machine/hand knit sweater I am currently working on. This is the second project on the machine, the first being a scarf.



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I just checked the book through Amazon. It is available used for $250. If it is out of print you can probably asl someone to copy it for you provided they don't sell it. The book may be available through the local library.