Sara's Prairie Fire Scarf

This scarf was created for one of my preceptors at work. Just got it done and Paul (PaxKnitter) helped me block it.

It is GINOURMOUS... almost 8 feet long and about 8-9" wide... but a super easy knit. I used the fishtail lace pattern that is now and forever engrained in my memory but this time I used Brown Sheep Company's "Burly Spun" super-duper chunky single ply (think pencil roving!) in Prairie Fire. In the photo is doesn't look very lofty (as it is still a bit moist in the blocking process) but will fluff up nicely with the wearing.

I must say, I am ready to move on from the gift-giving scarf thing. Socks are on the agenda for January as is the Tea Cozy I bought up at Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mills.

But, for now, off to work to support the habit!


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Wow... you're really making me wanna knit something in lace now...

what did you do to block it?

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I hand washed it very gently in very cold water using Dr. Bronner's Lavender liquid castile soap. Rinsed very well. Then, utilizing PaxKnitter's tried and true method, I artfully arranged the scarf in the washing machine and ran the spin only cycle for a couple minutes to extract most all of the water. The scarf was then taken to the basement where we have an 8 foot long "Blocking Table" a/k/a a piece of paneling on top of some saw horses... three layers of bath towels and a bedsheet covers the paneling. The scarf was laid out on the blocking table and the lace pattern was accentuated, the edges flat and the scarf pinned in place. We have 2 dehumidifiers running in the basement so the scarf was left to dry while pinned. The moisture from the washing helps the wool fibers relax and become more malleable and the pinning insures that when it dries, it is in the position that shows off the beauty of the lace to it's best advantage. The blocking also stops the edges from curling.

This particular "Fishtail Lace" pattern that I am using is SO EASY to master. I could show you the pattern and once it is explained to you, you could do it without any problems. I don't even look at the pattern anymore, it is THAT simple. Hopefully, once you get some real sleep, I will see you at one of our weekly KTog opportunities!!

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it's beautiful!

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