Frustrations and Disaster

My second project…..uuuugh……finally put out of its misery and was assassinated around the first of the year. Look to your left and you will see what is left.

Becoming over confident and over zealous I put project #2 into a courier bag and carried it with me where ever I went as I wanted to be done with this like after the 5 row of stitching. I learned a very good lesson about tension. Somewhere about the time I started carrying my bag around I just knitted and never looked down at the results from time to time. Finally 20 rows later I pull it out and evaluate it and VIOLA it is no longer a scarf/shawl but now a big freaking Y shape LOL.

I ripped it back thinking it would be easy just to re-do it from the point where I let my tension go. Well that is what it looked like after wards and the yarn is not forgiving so I hacked and slashed it.

I have started project #3 now which is the rebirth of this scarf to be now 9 stitches shorter (thank the heavens) and really contemplating buying metal needles to help with the resistance from the bamboo needles I am using currently.

Happy New Years and Cheers to all.


Sometimes it does feel good to hack up the piece after spending all the hours and patiently ripping and re-knitting. But sometimes it is better to just put the piece aside--in a bag in a corner somewhere and go at something new or another project. That's why I like keeping 3 or 4 things going to keep the frustration level to a minimum. Knitting should be a pleasure, not a duty. Enjoy yourself Izzi and keep smiling.

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I don't think you're going to find a knitter that can't completely sympathize with what you're going through on that one. (If you do they're probably lying) Like Weeniezoom (god I love that name) I keep more than one project on the sticks in case of disaster, or boredom, or possibly because I'm psychotic, (more of the latter I'm sure) But it helps when things get tense with a project.
Don't give up though!
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