This is TOO much fun

So... I started in on the Teddy Bear (Baby Bobbi Bear pattern) and I am having a blast! I feel like I'm learning a lot as I go (first time with dp needles, first item in the round, etc etc..) and it's really helping my confidence! At this rate I should finish it in the next week or too (well before my friend's due date) and maybe even have time to make him a vest or a scarf in the nursery's other color! Does anyone have any suggestions for stuffing material? The pattern calls for Poly fiber fill, is there another option? I Like the idea of all natural fibers, but I'll get the poly if it really is the best...

Meantime, I've only got about 6 inches of my So-Called Scarf knitted and I've only cast on and knitted two rows of the hat! What a hoot!



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Hey Stuart,

Congratulations on the start of the new project! I recently finished my first project using dpn's and I know what you mean about building up your confidence--the idea of doing anything else besides a scarf really scared me at first. I'm madly making a cardigan right now for my best friends in Atlanta who just had a baby girl, thus trying a couple of more techniques for the first time.

Being a long time crocheter and having made numerous stuffed animals in the past, I have some advice about the stuffing. I would probably recommend using the polyfill for a couple of reasons. First, after repeated washings, natural materials tend to "bunch up" and it's really impossible to keep the stuffing uniform. Secondly, you really don't want to introduce too many things to a new baby that could cause allergies later on (such as animal products) and the polyfill is completely hypoallergenic and safe (it's the nurse in me).

Good luck on the project. Hope the advice was helpful. I’m sure your friends will be very appreciative. Keep in touch and have a great week!


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oh for crying out loud I need to grow me some balls and stop procrastinating! All you guys are gonna shame me into doing something in the round!

I agree with Mill, go for the poly, especially with Kid's stuff. It cleans up MUCH easier than natural stuffs, hypo allergenic, inexpensive, doesn't bunch. as a mother of 4 trust me, the parents will thank you for not making something that comes with a mile long list of instructions on how to care for it, they're gonna be busy enough as it is :)

By the way, I love your photo. Your smile is contagious, I have to smile every time I see it.
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

As I go for recycling, I would look out for clothes that I could no longer wear (and would not be able to give away either, as they would be in too awful condition, hole-wise!). Give them a thorough cleaning/washing, and then tear them up if necessary and use as stuffing...Sounds primitive, but at least it uses things up. Alas, it may also look pretty lumpy. Maybe you'd better not try this after all...!

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You've broken the psychological barrier- there's no stopping you now!

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Chiming in in support of the PolyFil. Yes, I know that once our petrochemicals are gone we're gonna need something else, but in the meantime it *is* hypoallergenic and easier to keep clean. Last thing you need is an immunocompromised baby catching something from the recycled cotton batting. Don't want to be a Cassandra, but there you are.

Once the kid is in daycare and exposed to more bugs than a Pfizer lab worker, go ahead and stuff the thing with dirt for all we care :)