Interchangeable Quest Over (Sort of)

Purly Man PM'd me a while back to inquire as to whatever became of my interchangeable needle quest (I was torn between the KP Options Harmony and Denise sets). I had posts on Ravelry as well to gather as much information about each set. While users of both sets had compelling testimonies on the merits of each, there were a few things that lead me to choose the KP Options Harmony Wood interchangeable set. I haven't received it as of yet but I'm waiting on pins and needles (oh god, I just realized the horrible pun I just typed). Nonetheless, I'm still intrigued by the Denise set and I may just purchase a couple separate needles from the Denise website to have a go at them, I could always buy the set later. Anyway, thanks to all of you who had input in my original inquiry.

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Good luck with your new set. I recently bought a couple of Addi bamboo circulars and this is the first circ I have tried that I have been happy with.

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Congrats!! I'm sure you'll be happy with what you're getting. You basically had the hard choice of deciding between two or three good options! Thanks for the update.


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I'm sure you'll love 'em. I use my nickel Options for almost everything. I do, however, have one set of Harmony needle tips and I'm finding I really enjoy them as well. They are certainly as sharp and as slick as the nickel ones.

My one complaint with the Harmonys is that I just don't like that swirly-color thing. If they would just come out with a set of points in exotic hardwoods I would be in heaven. 9's in ebony, 8's in rosewood, 10's in palm, etc.

Oh man, I need to go take a cold shower!!!

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I have both Options & 'em both.
...sometimes you want wood, sometimes metal...sometimes bamboo...