Carrot Cake Hat

I call it this because the colors reminded me of carrot cake with cream cheese icing! This is a simple pattern and I like how the crown decreases turned out looking like a snowflake. This project is my latest installment in my "Hats for the Homeless" project.

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Beautiful! Where can we find the pattern?



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I absolutely LOVE it! I especially love theme hats or at least naming hats. That's great. The attached photo is great too. What's the pattern like - how do you get such a nice decrease for the top! Congrats!


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Yummmm, carrot cake - looks delicious to me!

Knit like the wind!

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Carrot Cake! my favorite! love the hat. And ohhhh I want one of those glass heads, where did you find yours?
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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The glass head is from Pier 1 Imports from several years ago. I see them every now and then at thrift stores. It's really handy for stitching up the crown and also for weaving in the ends if you turn the hat inside out and then put it on the head. If it ever breaks, I'll be out of the hat business!

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Ikea sells something kind of similar, but it's porcelain and not *quite* full sized. I used it as a wig holder for a haloween costume and it worked well. I never thoguth about using it for hats, (havent' made one yet) but I will now!

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I want one for hats, I think for the rounded hats it would make a good "form" for blocking

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Search ebay for recycled glass head and you'll find a handful!


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Very nice and tasty! Love the decreasing in the hat.

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nice colors, i love it!

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Like crmartin said, "Where can we find the pattern?"

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The pattern is one I bought at my LYS and then modified to my taste. Here are my notes for the hat. Let me know if you have any problems with it:

Pattern Notes: The hat shown is knit in the round and is a total of 52 rounds with 13 rounds of each color. If you would like your hat to have a brim, knit 26 rounds in the first color.

When changing colors, knit every stitch of the first round of the new color. After the first round is knit and you arrive back to the first stitch of the new color, lift the stitch below (the old color) on to the left needle. Knit the stitch of the new color and the stitch of the old color together. This will avoid the “color jog” found when knitting colors in the round.

Needles: Size 7 16” circular needles, size 7 double-point needles.
Yarn: Worsted-weight yarn in two complimentary colors (or three or four colors!)

Directions: Cast on 120 stitches (more or less depending on the size of hat you want and the type of yarn you are using.) Place a stitch marker and join the round being careful not to twist your work.

Work in K2 P2 rib for 13 rounds (26 rounds if you want a fold-up brim.)

Change to second color and knit every stitch for the first round only, then work in K2 P2 ribbing for the remaining 12 rounds. Repeat for the third round.

Round 40 will begin the crown decreases.

Round 40: *K2 P2tog: repeat from * to end. Work three rounds even.

Round 44: *K2tog, P1: repeat from * to end. Work three rounds even.

Round 48: *K2tog, P2tog: repeat from * to end. Work three rounds even.

Round 52: *K2tog: repeat from * to end.

Cut yarn leaving a 10-inch tail. Thread through remaining stitches and cinch tightly to close. Pull yarn through to wrong side and make a knot. Weave in ends. Enjoy!