My Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill stash

Since Bill (WJBDineen) shared his purchases with you all, it's only fair for me to do so, too. (My thanks to Bill for the pictures!)

The first one is perhaps the one I like the most, Blackberry Ridge Autumn Oak 100% Wool Medium Weight 2-ply.
Blackberry Ridge Autumn Oak 100% Wool Medium Weight 2-ply

The next one is Blackberry Ridge 100% Wool Sport Weight Plum.
Blackberry Ridge Sport Plum

The next was a group of Blackberry Ridge 100% Wool Sport Weight in Royal Blue, Turquoise, Navy, and Loden (left to right).
Blackberry Ridge Sport Weight Group

The last was Blackberry Ridge 100% Fisherman Weight Natural Gray.
Blackberry Ridge Fisherman Light Gray

Plus, I bought some patterns: Toe Up Sock, Cable Socks, and Fingerless Mittens.


V's picture

That's amazing! I'm so jealous. :) How close are the colors with how they appear on the monitor? Cause that plum yarn is calling for me.

PaxKnitter's picture

I think the colors came out pretty darn close. That plum certainly called out to me. I'm starting to think about what to use it on. Hmm, a nice plum sweater might be where that is heading.


BuduR's picture

I'm with V@r@nt, that plum is gorgeous. I'm seriously going to have to consider strutting my wares on the docks!

*drool* *porn*
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

PaganCub's picture

i'm in love witht he plum, the loden and the heather gray

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I'm having a spontaneous orgasm.

ManMadeKnits's picture

*makes grabby hands*


"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

rightOn's picture

Knitty-Porn, I love it! Keep it coming!

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Damn! Now I have an erection. :-)


It's worth breaking a vow of poverty for me to get my hands on that yarn...

mikeracing77's picture

I'm gonna see if I can pawn my puppy for some of that, the plum is awesome!

ManMadeKnits's picture

Given the guys' reactions to this yarn, I'd say a fair amount of it will be unusable if you don't keep them distanced from it...

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

carlsjc95125's picture

Given the reaction of some of you... I can understand why knitting
♂ Willie Warmers ♂ is often such a swell idea. Getting a Yarn-On could be painful if you wear the crocheted version!