Long On Knitting - Short On Altitude!

The blocking is complete, the gift was wrapped with care... and Sara and I worked a shift together last night. She loves her very large, very beautiful scarf! Wow, it looks so BIG on her!! Blocking it made all the difference.

She insisted that she pose for the photo with the full length showing (although I think she phrased it, "so people can see how short I am!"

She is a great nurse, lots of energy, and she really challenged me with the ever present chirping "Chop, Chop!! Faster! Faster!" to get up to pace with the demands in the ER. A lesson I have been most grateful to have learned when I did as this past week or so has been insane!

Sara's Scarf


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Nice photo. It really looks well on her. Has a nice drape to it. Well done!

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Very cool scarf, beautiful! Gives me something to look forward to as far as skill building goes. Love the pattern in there. Nice work!

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Beautiful! The color is great for her :) Lucky girl!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Man, I'm really jealous of that scarf... I need to learn to YO so I can start getting competetive!

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Benjamin... what is it about competition?? I am all about the COLLABERATION! In my opinion, you win. Period. You are the winner. I humbly and graciously concede defeat. You are an awesome and adventurous knitter. You have produced ten-fold what I have completed, you do a wide variety of items whereas I have only done scarves and hats... and you are younger, in better physical condition, much more handsome, and have such a dynamic winning personality that everyone is attracted to!

So, wanna go to dinner before tonights KTog with this loser??

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Aww, now I feel like an ass. I don't actually care about the competition, ultimately. It's just my way of getting others excited about stuff. In a sense, its collaborative, but it true that its not universally good....

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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Yowxa! Nice. it looks like horseshoe/willow, but cooler! Can you share the stitch pattern?

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"fishtail" is essentially "horseshoe" with one less pattern row.

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She'll never get cold in that!

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The scarf is beautiful and well made, and it's a fantastic pic to show off your work, congratulations on a great project