Henry VIII from Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore

Ok guys, I need your opinion on this one. I want to knit this but this was a comment from one of my many NON-knitter friends:


Please give me your opinion in a poll.


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knit the sweater...frog the friend!

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The only thing un-attractive I find about it is the red band that stands out over bust and waist. I think colour selection might mute that.

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I have to second MMario's assessment. No likey the bands... but the overall design is stunning.

I agree with MMario (and Bill) - the different coloured bands are a distraction. I would keep the same colours running all the way through the sweater.

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My first impression was "how quaint, that woman has fashioned a jaunty jumper using only the remnants of a persian rug!"

But on second thought, I really like the pattern! Also, it's going to be really fun to knit. What if you chose better colors, as suggested above, and make it a v-neck vest instead? Or knit the sleeves in one colour. My feeling is that it's the sleeves in the same pattern that makes all the colour work look like carpet-camouflage rather than the masterpiece it could be. I'd deep-six the band at the bottom too. It makes me think of those long, fitted sweater/skirt combos rail thin models wear with a belt over the wist, you know?

I'm going to see if I can get that book out of the library.

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For what its worth, I like it. It does look like it would be a challenge to knit.

Does your friend have recent samples of sweaters they've designed? Hmmm? Well, speaking as a self-proclaimed (or merely self acknowledged) fashion refugee who views much of the hooting and hollering about current trends and tastes to be relevant only until one needs leave the house to earn a living(barring the modelesque among us) follow Bill's advice: frog the friend. The sweater is cool. I fear for the visual acuity of the young damsel in the midground: her chapeau is slowly devouring her head, however, she does appear calm and accepting of her regrettable fate. YOU, however, should have a wonderful time knitting this sweater. If your friend is male, might I suggest a mildly insidious tease of threatening to knit him a willie warmer in this pattern? Just a few thoughts. Knit boldly, knit freely, and KNIT THE SWEATER!!!!

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I'd wear it. I think it's great, altho, I am a rather busty gal, so the color bands would have to go, I don't need anything more drawing attention to that area.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

Forgot to ask - have you seen the price of this as a kit on Alice Starmore's site?

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Don't believe in kits.

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I like it very much, but agree with MMario when it comes to the red band. However, it might not look like that in reality. (It's not even the same in the three pictures you've posted.)

You want to knit it, you knit it - that's what I think! Personally, I seldom ask for non-knitters' opinions; they can't tell whether a design is likely to be fun to knit. (To me that's just as important, if not more.)

Hope you've ordered the kit by the time I've posted this comment!


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Perhaps your friend was thrown off by the full picture. The model's hair, makeup, skirt and hat are very mid-1990's. The sweater is timeless in my opinion.