Hello, men who knit. I'm sorry I haven't posted to my blog lately. It's not because I haven't been knitting. I stopped posting in the fall of last year while I was doing a bunch of scarves as gifts and I didn't want to give away the surprises to the recipients. I don't know why I didn't start posting after the holidays once everybody received their hand-knit scarf.

I've taken a lot of adventures in knitting since I posted last. My favorite project was the Satchel from Knitty. It took a couple of months to make but it's killer cool. I did mine in all-black.

Anyway, since I've gotten into felting, I wanted to find out from all you fellas; HAVE YOU EVER FELTED YOUR KNITTED ITEMS IN THE SHOWER ? I figured, all you need to felt stuff is water, heat and friction - and all of those are in abundance in the shower. Small items felt nicely in a hot shower, smothered in baby shampoo and used as wash rags. It's a win/win situation; you get clean and your item is felted at the end of the process, right?

My latest thing is making little felted mice. They are totally cute! My cats love my toys and so do everybody else's. I make little toys for every cat I know. They're fun and quick and they're fun to rub all over your lover in the shower to make them turn to felt. It's sexy AND crafty.

So my plan is to make a bazillion of these little mice and give them to the Humane Society to sell or give away with adoptions. That's a lot of shower time! Good thing I love a nice, hot shower, huh?

Check out my before and after shot ;-) These two were identical before my long, sexy shower last night.


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Why have I never thought of felting in the shower?!

I love those mice. Do you have a pattern for them?

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Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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That sounds like a pornographic horror film... A bad one.

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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Dear God, you've given me yet another reason to knit!!

I think I'll knit a dozen or so of them, head to the nearest bar, find the cutest young guy in the house and say "I need you to help me felt my mice"

Then if it works, I'll knit a dozen or so more, sell them to gay men 'of a certain age' and retire...rich, satiated, and still knitting.

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I think we all want to come and help you....!

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Yipes! It's not your grandma's knitting anymore.