Men's Spring Knitting Retreat

I keep thinking that most guys in the knitting community already know about this event, but I thought I'd post something about it here, just in case some haven't.

In May, there will be a knitting retreat for men only held in a retreat center in Upstate New York.

The event will take place over a three-day weekend, starting in the afternoon of Friday, May 16th, through lunch on Sunday, May 18th.

Depending on what type of accommodations you book with the retreat center, the cost will be approximately $190 per person (this is the cost of a double room, shared with one other person and meals are provided).

You can read about the event at the MSKR Website.

Hope y'all can make it.


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Thanks for the info Joe. I've never been to Easton Mtn before and I might try to make it since this is right in my neck of the woods. I should be able to commute and save a bit on the cost of lodging.

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Thanks for reposting the info! I am excited about this event. Is it a definate thing? I read about it somewhere else and wasn't sure if it was certainly happening.

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Cool! I wanna go!

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Yes, it's definitely happening. There are 8 confirmed as of today and 12 more guys who have said they will be going.

It's a spectacular place, Easton. As for saving on food and lodging, that is the only cost for the Knitting Retreat. There is no additional fee for the retreat itself.

Is there a max number of participants?? This sounds GREAT! Thanks for posting...not all of us had heard....:)

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This sounds like something that I'd be very interested in doing.


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The number of attendees at this first Men's Spring Knitting Retreat is only restricted by the number of available reservations at Easton Mountain. In future years, we will probably set some limit to the number of participants so that we can make workshops manageable.

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Update - Men's Knitting Retreat

Hey guys, I just spoke with the retreat center and found out the following:

- There will be yoga available each morning, facilitated by one of the residents...there is no additional cost to the attendees

- Availability for booking a room looks likely for at least a little while. They can accommodate 60 guests in all, and there are 2 other events in addition to the Knitting Retreat. They expect the two other events to book between 15 and 20 attendees, leaving an estimated 20 to 30 beds for our event...12 of those beds are already reserved.

- We will be having specifically scheduled workshops during the retreat weekend, led by participants. The itinerary will be published sometime in February.

hey joe

i am thinking about going to the mskr.... what accommodations are you guys going to book into.....

it sounds like a hoot
what a great idea

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Lodging - Knitting Retreat

The default lodging is a double room, where you'd share a motel-like room and a bathroom with one other guy. Easton Mountain also has other lodging options, but I'm not sure what the availability is.