It don't come easy

I finally recieved my Merino Style yarn from Knitpicks. I bought this yarn because I wanted to knit my next sweater with a finer yarn on smaller needles. Knitpicks specs this yarn out for size 5 needles. Normally I use size 8 so I thought this would be a good first step in venturing downward. I knit up a stranded (woven in) swatch and the resulting fabric would have made a good bullet proof vest. So I have had to return to my size 8 to get an acceptable fabric. Anyway, this evening I did all my calculations for my sweater: gauge, legnths, width, decreases etc. All this I wrote down in a notebook which I left on the couch where I knit. I left the room for a few minutes, and when I returned I found that my dog-in-the-hat had shredded the page on which I wrote all my specs. After a heroic forensic effort I was able to retrieve the specs and have just cast on. The best laid plans...


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Poor man. Knit a muzzle for the dog.


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Personally I would try marketing the bulletproof one for cold weather personal body armor.

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Now don't go putting ideas in my head.

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Agreed, this is the last thing Albert needs! Luv ya Albert :)
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American