Welcome to the new guys on the block!

Good Grief, I am gone from this site for a week and look at all the new guys on the block. I just can't keep up with you guys. I love coming to this site and reading all the new posts. Took me almost an hour to read all the new ones and say hi to all the new guys, hope I didn't miss anyone. I will hae to admit I had to laugh when I saw the new guy with the sticks sticking out of the mask was a little well...I laughed a lot when I saw that. You guys really know how to cheer up a guy when he is down...Thanks guys!!!!
Barry-teh Kilted Knitter


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By chance did you purchase your kilt from the shop located on Pioneer Square in Seattle? We were just there. Tried on a couple of kilts but it's not for me. I'm just too short and fat.

I wear a tee shirt that says: "Man enough to knit. Strong enough to purl." That says it all.

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My Kilt is from Utilikilts. They were the first that I saw and ordered from them. I have seen several from other sites and I think I will stay with Utilikilts, in fact I am thinking about ordering one of their Tuxedo kilts as my daughter is supposed to be getting married in Dec. Try Utilikilts.com and see what you think
Barry-the Kilted Knitter