Loose an' Fuzzy

Well that seems to be the consensus (sp?). Sorry 'bout the coffee spew.

This weekend I got to just knit a lot! What fun, I'm finishing the last of the holiday gifts. Working with a rich blue Alpaca / Tencel blend from Classic Elite. My housemate wanted something very plain and blue. Both shops I visited during the season agreed that stockinette stich fills the bill, but in a single layer the edges curl backwards. So to get the look I wanted they suggested I knit a tube using a single purl stitch equally spaced on the rounds so that it will lay flatter when it's done. I'll prollie have it finished soon because I want to be able to start on a project or two for myself.

Looking at all the finished projects you all are showing off has me in a real fit of yarn envy. I just got 'Men in Knits' and 'Knitting for Him' so I have lots of things I want to try. And I will be trying to figure out how to upload some pictures from my phone.