Does anyone have any experience with bamboo fiber. I found some yesterday, which had a really nice texture...I was wondering how it handled/wears.



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I am in the process of knitting a baby sweater using bamboo yarn. It is Trekking sock or fingering weight and it feels really nice. Don't know yet if it wears or washes well, but it is said to do so. Ooops, just checked again, and it is only 25% bamboo. Sorry.


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I'm getting a batch of wool/bamboo blend roving this week in the mail, so I can let you know how it spins up as yarn. Overall, most say it's a lot like knitting cotton, but if you'd like to read more, here's a review of Bouton d'Or's New Bamboo yarn on the Yarn Review website (great resource):

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Thanks, i would be interested to know how it goes.

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I wish they would come up with another name for the extruded fiber they make from bamboo; becuse it isn't "bamboo fiber" even though it is a cellulose fiber derived from bamboo material. There is the occasional actual **bamboo** fiber yarn out there - made with real honest fiber as it grew in the bamboo - but it isn't common.

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Does the extrusion (?) process have a particularly unwholesome effect on nature?

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no worse then a lot of others - or for that matter the chemicals used for raising cotton, corn, soy, etc. They do have some newer "green" (ie, less toxic) procedures - and the cellulose fibes , I understand, start off by being less damaging to the environment then the various artificial stuffs made from petrochemicals ; plus it's a renewable resouce. My objection is that you can have 100 % natural bamboo fiber; produced much in the same manner as linen is from flaxl and a lot of people think that is what they are getting when they buy "bamboo" yarn - but what they get is just another man-made fiber - no matter how green the process.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Anything we do has an unwholesome effect on something or other. Consider a peaceful walk through a beautiful green meadow- how many small creatures are you crushing underfoot as you admire the beauty around you?

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Actuall, you can buy natural bamboo fiber online from sources such as Paradise Fibers and spin up your own bamboo or bamboo blend yarn.

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I've knitted with bamboo yarn before (Rowan), it handles well and looks good when knitted up into a garment, it has a good drape and acts a bit similar to silk. I found that knitting with a relaxed tension produced the best results

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Just ordered some...
Just ordered some bamboo from Patternworks. I haven't tried it yet, but it is very soft and looking forward to using it.
Barry-the Kilted Knitter

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Bamboo has silk like texture and it is 100 % recyclable. Bamboo is like a weed , it grows wild everywhere, I don't think that they have to worry abour reforestation of bamboo yet as it is very expensive yarn. and I would say that the environmental impact is positive. Anything that we do impacts everything around us, we just have to choose the least of the evils.

Going back to bamboo, bamboo is very silky and it drapes nicely, it swells up when you put it in water as cotton does. It is easier to knit with it than to crochet , but it frays easily. I have done two hats on bamboo and they are doing well. It is cool and breathes. If it is made of celulose, celulose is what constitutes the cell walls of plants . Have fun!

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I made a little sweater for my granddaughter a few months ago with bamboo and knit up very well. The texture is somewhat like cotton only more refined. It wears well.

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I'm just finishing up a lovely vest that I did with a bamboo mix. I thought it worked well and it seems to be draping nicely. The challenge was that the spin tended to be pretty loose so it frayed some.

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I did some sample spins of carbonized bamboo (awesome gunmetal color) and I found that I had some loose spots and really had to overspin in the single. The carbonized bamboo isn't currently available except as just fiber (though if any of you guys hear about it as yarn, let me know).

SKHolt, did you find anyway to compensate for the looseness? I'm thinking of spinning much finer and then plying up to get my thickness, so instead of a two ply, I might go three ply or cabled.

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Just ordered some bamboo/cotton mix sock yarn, should be arriving in the next couple of days. Looking forward to giving it a go.



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Addressing MMario's comment above: I recently bought some ready made bamboo fiber socks in a chain store whose name you would all recognise. The label calls the material "rayon made from bamboo fiber".

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I've been using it for a couple of months now and really like it. I get it at the local chain craft store. The colors are very limited and all pastel - the green is very nice and the pinks are cool as pink goes. I usually twist it with the soy yarn also availble at the same store. I particularly like it for hats for those unfortunate freinds of mine that won't wear wool. It has a rich and oppulent texture with lots of body when twisted with the soy. Its also very easy to work with. An earlier post mentioned that it was Rayon made with bamboo which is what I figured and I'm also thinking that would make it pretty easy to dye. Anyway, I recomment it.