Fair Isle - For My Pa

I'm going down to Florida to visit my parents this weekend. This is the hat I'm taking to give to my Dad. I didn't follow any pattern so I'm not sure I could make anything exactly like this again. It was done with cotton yarn on size 1s. I'm happy with it. Attached is a snapshot taken from the top. Not sure what I think about all the patterns. It was fun though.

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Excellent! Your dad's gonna love it! Can I ask what cotton yarn you used?

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Thanks! I did a bad thing and didn't keep the label. I'll have to go back to the LYS and check. It wasn't "Sugar 'n Cream", which I've used for some projects. And it wasn't "Stork" by Dale of Norway, which I used for the blue and tan one I did recently. I love the Stork yarn. Sorry I don't remember what this was... I think both colors were the same brand, but they're quite different.

Well, I found the labels. Both are Elsebeth Lavold brand and the white is "Cotton Patine", which is 100% combed cotton. The black is "Hempathy", 34% hemp, 41% cotton, 25% modal.


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I think the patterns you used work quite well together. Very symmetrical. I'll have to check out the "Stork" yarn you've mentioned. A friend of mine loved the Norwegian hat that I made, but he's in a warmer climate and I may have to use non-wool yarn (he also shaves his head). The motifs you chose are very impressive indeed.

I think it is a wonderful hat Frank. You always do just great work with the detail.

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Wow! I would knock your old man down and grab this hat- good thing I am nowhere near Florida. Beautiful!

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It's great! I love the pattern. It looks like you spent hours working it out.

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Beautiful hat, very well done.



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I like it! the top especially looks really impressive. In a way it's too bad you don't think you can recreate it - as I'm sure the pattern would be popular - but giving you Dad something unique has its points as well.

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Thanks! If I think hard, I think I could get down the basics of what I did actually. The pattern for the top would actually be the hardest to nail down.


Well...it looks like you have some work to do! ;)

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Beautiful as always. I'm in awe of your creativity and the speed in which you put these out. This hat is especially awesome, I love how you continued the design to the top.
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That's really beautiful! It's very inspiring. Now I'm going to have to look at the Fair Isle books that I just bought and try to come up with my first Fair Isle project.


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Way cool. I know your dad will love it.

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Great hat. I particularly like the top.

The top is great. I did not notice it earlier.