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Maybe I have just a little too much time on my hands... Today, I was messing around the MWK site, familiarizing myself with it when I decided to change the theme settings from the default that came up when I first signed-on.  I changed to the bluemarine setting and what a difference in the feel of this site!  It is more compact now with less use of the mouse going back and forth across the page.  When a member posts, his photo is attached automatically.  This particular option really has increased my enjoyment of the site.

If you're like me and are always getting lost on any internet site of more than one page, here are the directions:

Go to My Account and click Edit.  Scroll down to Theme Settings and click bluemarine.  Viola`!  I'm confident you'll like what you see!  I was so excited I wanted to share this with those who may not know about this option.  As for those who did, why didn't you tell me?!




Jesse told me about this & I made the change. I like it a lot better than the setting I had been using. Thanks Jesse

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I also enabled another theme called Pushbutton. You guys have fun! I'm glad y'all are playing around with the site :)