1776 Socks

A birthday present for my cousin to keep her feet warm while she waits out the presidential primaries/soap opera to play itself out.

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Cool socks - I like that colorway - very 'Americana'

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Those are too freakin' cool. I didn't know Fortissima made a RWB colorway. I am now going to have to go find some of that.

Leave it to Joe to recognize the Fortissima label! I was wondering if that was going to come out clearly in the pic, but I figured even blurry, itwould be distinctive to folks who know yarn brands. The color is called "1776." What does RWB colorway mean, anyway?


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RWB = Red-White-Blue

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Those are really neat!

They look so comfy and warm! I am sure she will appreciate them!

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Great work, Peter! The socks will work well for the 4th of July also!


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Those are great!



The best part is the yarn does all the work. The discriminating eye can see I did not use a fancy pattern. Ribbing is K1xP1 and the leg and foot are K3xP1. Don't get much simpler than that, but because of the self patterning yarn, VIOLA! "Stars" and Stripes!

Yes Rex, they're great for 4th of July (even though they're wool and I'd rather be barefoot when it's that warm) or they'd be great for Memorial Day, Veterans' Day, Presidents' Day, etc etc.