A Crocheted Afghan for my friend Mike

I ask my good friend Mike what he wanted for Christmas....He told me not a damn thing..... So being the bitch I am..... I made him a crocheted afghan..... the colors are Dark Sage...Claret.....and Aran.... so guys let me know what u think.......

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NIce! What are the finished dimensions?

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Man, what a bitch! Looks good! I don't even know how to begin with crochet.


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***Sillyness alert***

Sorry, this just popped into my head while reading your post:

You put your one hook in, you put your one hook out
You put your one hook in and twist the yarn about....

***End sillyness***

Crochet, in some ways is easier than knitting, as you only have to worry about the last stitch coming undone, and not a whole row of them.

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Your penalty is to knit a lace shawl with chartreuse acrylic 3 ply on two bic pens tied together with fishing line. Be sure to post pictures of your work when you're done so we all know you've adequate repented for your silliness! >:-)

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*gives Stuart a swirly* Hall monitor hmmmpf

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Now Now boys, don't make me seperate you!
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I think he's a pretty lucky friend to get a great gift like that ... especially when he "didn't want anything". Good work by the way.

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It's gorgeous!!

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Mmmmm, Id like to curl up in that till May.