Knitting Mats

Knitting with old VCR and cassette tape was not enough. Now, I want to knit with rope or twine and make a floor mat. I was thinking about using some sort of thick-ish woodsy twine from the hardware store, but realized the texture might seriously injure my fingers while knitting.

All the mat patterns I've seen are for bathrooms and use cotton. Jute and other natural fiber floor mats are my inspiration, though. I'd like something with a little stiffness to it, which is why a thin rope made of small individual fibers would be good — flexible, but without compressing too much.

Would a pair of sleek, black Isotoner gloves keep my fingers from turning to bloody nubs? Should I just learn to weave?

Any ideas?

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the black isotoners would be chic.... but soft leather gloves mens dress gloves will be better...

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Have you looked in shops where they sell sailingsupplies and other things for boats and ships? I bought a very soft hemprope (?) that I'm planning to weave a rug with but could work for knitting aswell.

I was wondering if hemp would work!

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I love you guys! Hemp rope and soft leather gloves are a great idea. There must be hemp in Juárez...

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Hi Darrel! I just remebered when I sat on the bus today that I was plannning to knit a mat too a few years ago. I Sweden they are weaving rugs with stripes of textile fabric made of cotton. You tear fabric, for example an old sheet, in 1-2 cm wide stripes and sew them together in the end to long stripes of fabric. I was planning to knit with 2 or 3 such strips on needle 10 mm and in the end it would be a knitted mat. Thats an alternative if you don't find hemp that is soft enough.

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My friend, Matt, once did that with old t-shirts. He cut the shirts in to strips of fabric and then knit a scarf using them. Thanks for reminding me of that, sir.

I'll let y'all know when I get started!

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I once knit a pair of slippers from garden twine, and it took forever... and I read about a guy that knit a hammock of rope using shovel handles for knitting needles. There is also an old joke about a guy that went to the doctor and said "Doc, it hurts when I do this" and the doctor slapped him and said "Then don't do that". If your work with your knitting project hurts... stop, and work on something else for a while. Will the world stop spinning around the sun if you take a break?

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