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Should I block a sweater before I sew it together.......... I have made a sweater before and never block it....... I would like to have your opinion.....


Aaron M.
Aaron Miller from Omaha Nebraska here. I've been knitting for over thirty five years and have made hundreds of sweaters. You can do it either way, but my own preference is to finish the sweater and then block it as a last step. I think that this way prevents one from distorting the shape of the individual pieces of the sweater and allows one to give the garment it's final shape during blocking. If your sweater has some intricate patterns or cables, be certain to block on the wrong side only, using only gentle pressure over a damp cloth so that you don't flatten or distort your stitches.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Aaron M.

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I agree with Aaron - I block sweaters after finishing them. Asplund


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Bob from Portland...I'm a long term knitter who also does knitwear repair/retailoring/restoration...

The answer...it's totally up to you:
... The advantages to blocking before sewing is that you can be sure of the size/dimensions of the panels before you actually spend time sewing together. I do commissioned tailoring/fixing of other people's garments that were OBVIOUSLY not going to fit once the piece was sewn together, and it's alot easier to subtract (via serger/sewing machine) or if increasing, by adding an ease panel BEFORE sewing the garment together. If you are confident that the panels are the desired size/shape...it's really up to you: I block my garments by pinning and steaming (I have a commercial steamer) and then allowing them to dry completely. I don't use any pressure, so I pin my pieces right side up so I can varify where bits are lining up. You can't do much, but you can finesse a little when blocking...

Blocking sets the stitches, giving memory to the yarn. It's less important as when you do it, than that you should do it..(Body warmth and evaporation from the skin will also block a garment...but that takes a while, LOL)

Just my 2 cents...