Sheep to Shawl

Not really knitting related but most definitely fiber related; last week was the 25th Annual Sheep to Shawl competition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. If you've never heard of this kind of contest, a team must shear their sheep, prepare and spin the wool, and rather quickly weave it into a shawl. The shawls are sold at auction after the judging. The teams are judged on shearing, fleece (condition, quality etc.), spinning, shawl design and speed. Accidental Knitter blogged (Live at the competition), here if anyone's interested. I didn't get to the Farm Show and I attempted to watch it on television but there was some sort of "technical difficulty".


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Fascinated by sheep-to shawl competitions. Never seen one occur though.

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That looks like it would have been sooooooo much fun.....

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We live across the river from Harrisburg, so we did the Farm Show. I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of knitting stuff there. Only a few stands. They did have some alpaca yarn (with the donor alpaca standing nearby) which was tempting. Otherwise, the other fiber was pretty darn pricey! Interesting to look at, though!

I guess I do not know economics enough but I would think "local" stores and such would sell more if they lowered the price a bit, which would reduce inventory blah blah blah. Are they selling being "exclusive?" Anin't worth it to me if it is yarn, an antique or gardening stuff.

I know I have walked away from places cause I really do not need it THAT bad to pay what they charge.

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yeah I'm the same way, I know there's work to go into it, but I recently saw a skein of lace weight hand spun, hand dyed, 900 yards for 130 usd. No thank you, it was pretty yeah, but no.
I think that 25 usd on a skein is my limit

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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This stuff was running about $50 (usd) for 250 yds, I think. Either way, it was a bit rich for my blood.

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I grew up outside of Lebanon and for one reason or another never got to the Farm Show. I do catch what I can of the televised events. Though I must say despite the lack of yarn, Honey Ice Cream from the Beekeeper's Association will lure me there someday.


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It's all about the milkshakes and potato donuts...