hat troubles

I have knitted a couple hats on the round and all of them have the same issues. When I am finished (though it shows during my work, also) the rim of the hat curls and rolls up. I don't want this to happen but don't know how to stop it. Anyone have a suggestion?


If you work in stocking stitch (stockinette) from the beginning, it will curl. You need some ribbing or perhaps a blind hem to start with.

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Or you can knit an inch or so of garter stitch which in the round would mean knit around one row, then purl around the next and so on. And welcome to our merry band of knitters!

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Yes. just two or three rows of ribbing will do the trick. I like a k2, p2 rib for a nice simple look. Just make sure the number of stitches is divisible by four or what ever is needed for the ribbing you decide on.

If I am making a hat and don't want any ribbing. I will knit about 6-8 rows in the round, then do one row of purl, then continue to make the beanie as normal. When I'm done knitting it - the purl row makes a very handy fold. Just fold under the first knit stitches and hem it. Viola! Nice invisible rim to the hat, and there is no visible ribbing on the outside.


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Also, you can knit stockinette stitch for an extra inch or so at the beginning and then knit one row wrong. This creates a marker where the hat will naturally fold and you can hem the bottom.

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I just remembered hearing that casting of in purl will also keep it from rolling but I've never tried it so I'm not sure.

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I assumed you were working top down - is that correct or are you working bottom up?

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I am working from the bottom up. I don't know how to to go from the top down. I've only been at this for a couple weeks. I will try some ribbing next time. And I especially like the hemming under idea; I might do this on the one i'm working on. Thanks everbody!