Boys Don't Knit!

This is a cute story about a young boy and a man knitter who comes to his rescue and saves the day!  I bought it for our 11 year old son who is learning to knit.  The book, last printed in 1990, is a simple story but has a nice way of demolishing the myth that men can't and don't knit.

If you don't have a younster who might benefit from this story, may I suggest that you purchase a copy and donate it to your local primary school library?  Every effort, no matter how small, that we make to bring men back to knitting will be beneficial.

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I bought that book for my nephew. I sent it with some mittens and a hat I knit for him...

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What a great idea! That will bring the book to life for your lucky nephew. I like the simple story the book tells and sending along some hand-knitted items he can wear will be very special. Who knows, maybe in the future he'll tell the story of how he started knitting and you'll be the chief character!

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I was kip'ing at a folk music gathering this weekend and a women walks up to me and says "I told my son it would be okay to bring his knitting and he didn't believe me..." (but that's a 15 year old for you.

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i spent forever looking for this book because i saw it in LA and never bought it. finally, i found it. and love reading it to my neices and nephews...also the kids i mentor too. they think its pretty cool:)