My first hat - no laughter please...

Finished my first pass at a newborn hat for our coming addition to wear home from the hospital. I knitted it flat and then seamed it. I'm fairly happy with the results (first time seaming and decreasing), but will take Tallguy's insistant advice and try the hat again with my new DPN's to see how that goes...


Now why would anyone laugh? Heck, you are one step ahead of me! Nice job!

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Nice hat :) Will be nice to see it modeled on it's future recipient!
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Your knitting looks very even, and you clearly accomplished your goal of making a looks great.

No laughing here...congrats.

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Tension on the stitches looks very even - the seam looks good; And what a keepsake it wil be!
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..and think of all the LOVE that's knitted into it....!

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Wow! I hope my first hat will be half as nice as yours. Good work. I like the color too. I'm expecting another grandchild in a day or two and it would be nice to make a crib blanket out of that yarn.

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I used Cascade Yarns Cherub Collection Kaleidoscope Aran - # 1324 (55% Nylon, 45% Acrylic). It is very soft and knitted up very nicely...wasn't badly priced. It was actually my first purchase at my LYS - came on recommendation of the owner.

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Great job. And how proud you'll be having your newborn wear it home.

It's beautifully knitted with nice even stitches - why would we laugh?Don't forget to post pics of the recipient wearing it.

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Well done and the yarn is a good choice- I would'nt mind a sweater in that yarn, it kind of gives me an open sky feeling.

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Very nicely done! The color is very nice.