I recently completed the Chevalier mittens that I found on Ravelry. They fit great and are so soft. I used wool that I bought in Michigan over Christmas. It's called Shepherd's wool and is from Stonehedge Fiber Mill. This yarn was amazing to work with and knits up beautifully.

While I'm totally loving these mittens, there is a place where I crossed the cable the wrong way (bringing the purl stitches over the knit ones), which drives me crazy.

Chevalier Mittens (A) - Completed 01.18.08


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The mittens are gorgeous. I have mentioned before that the Navajo weavers, creators of some breathtakingly beautiful rugs deliberately weave in one weft of yarn that passes from the center of the rug across the border in the color of the center yarn. To the uninitiated this appears to be a mistake, but is done so that the weaver's creative energy is not "trapped" in the rug and remains available for the next weaving. I like to remember this if I find I have made a small mistake in my knitting and I don't want to frog.

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Great mitts! Don't worry about the one cable crossing being wrong. It's probably only noticeable to you. I've made a couple or aran sweaters where I've done that in more than one place and no one's every pointed it out to me yet.

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Very nice! Don't worry about the mistake, everyone will be in such awe that they won't even notice it.



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Great pattern and I like the colour choice.
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Thanks for your comments. I don't feel so bad about the cable crossing catastrophe anymore. At least my creative energy isn't trapped in the mittens :)

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Oh those are fantastic! I'm going to have to look for that pattern! *will I ever have time to knit all the patterns I am collecting?*
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