Knit to the stitch below

I am trying out the fisherman's watch cap from knitting with balls. My first project, I can get all the stitches to the circular needles and the first round of knitting in, next the pattern calls for you to start the fisherman's rib pattern, P1 then K1 to the stitch below. I am struggling with that one, I have yanked this all apart twice now and I am not wanting to go back till I can do it right... I watched the video on and the stitches seem to hang nice and even (just like normal knitting) on her right needle, but when I try it I get all sorts of crossing over of loops or if it hangs even, then there is a loop hanging out the back of the work and I can pull the working thread and pull the loop right out! grrrrr. I feel retarded. I am going to go drink some coffee and try again later, any great pictures or videos anyone knows of would be super helpful! Also, I am on Ravelry too, same name, and a big thanks in advance to everyone, you guys are a great group, very positive and helpful! Thanks!


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Hmmm, I did this hat about three months ago and didn't have any problems.

And unfortunately I'm away from home and don't have a set of needles with me to play with. Can't quite tell from your description what might be going wrong.

I did just look at the KH video. I do remember it took me a while to make sure my right needle was going through the fabric below in the correct place. I kept inserting the needle between stitches rather than directly through the stitch loop in the row below.

You might just want to take a set of straight needles in a larger size and cast on a few dozen stitches then do a few practice rows. With larger needles, the stitch architechture will be easier to see. Personally, I always have a hard time visualizing things. Once I've done it, my eyes kinda catch up and then I can see things at a much smaller scale.

Good luck.


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I second Vic's advice.

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I made that hat last week. It looks great, unfortunately, its a little small. I realized after I had it half done, that I was using 7's rather than 9's. I made it out of Cascade Eco, a beige color. Looks great, really stretchy, I guess I'll give it to a niece and make me another one. I had to go to LYS to learn what knit into stitch below exactly meant, but once someone showed me, it was so simple. When you are on that row, you just go into the stitch below the one you normally would knit into. Duh! I felt kinda silly after someone showed me. Anyway, it looks great.