Can anyone say JACK-POT!!!

I really LOVE Freecycle!

I answered a post on our local Freecycle (Portland, Maine) where a woman was clearing out her house for putting said house up for sale.

Her mother-in-law was an impulsive crafter-buyer and ended up just packing and storing yarn and yarn and yarn and yarn and yarn and yarn and yarn and...well...

ELEVEN STORAGE BOXES PACKED TO THE BULGE!!! with acrylic and polyester and WOOL!!!

Solids and variegateds and...words just cannot describe my treasure.

There was so much weight that my roommate's 1991 Cadillac with the human sized trunk and back seat -- the car started going through the auto-leveler and you could sit in the front seat and WATCH the car leveling out -- from all the weight of the yarn.




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eek. make sure there's not a body hiding in all that yarn! congrats on the serious stash aquisition!



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Nice score!!! I keep an eye on my local Freecycle group and occasionally manage to score something that I can put to good use. I mostly post offerings though.

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Did they already get rid of the person's knitting books and patterns?

When I die, I want some knitter to get all my stuff so they can value it as much as you do.

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They did, actually...

Some pattern books dating all the way back to the 30s!!!

...and a couple of hand-written patterns and a few old newspaper cutouts with patterns (when they used to publish things like that)

...and a copy of "The Workbasket" from 1957!!!

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two words: UH, PICTURES!??!

Change your thoughts; change your world.

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Pics Please!
Lucky ducky!
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

Good for you! What a score!