My Pa opted for the first hat

Well, I get to keep the black and white fair isle cap. My dad saw the blue and tan cap that I'd done earlier in cotton on size 1s and thought it fit better (it is bigger), so he kept that one and I get to wear this one! Fine with me!! While I was in Florida I knitted a basic wool cable hat on size 7s for my sister too. It was warm(er) down in central Florida... of course it's been in the single digits here in Colorado. Brrrrr!

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Great looking hats..

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Hey Frank,
It looks good - quick work man. I'll see you in a coupla' weeks.


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Damn, now I'm going to have to knock you down to grab this hat and your younger and stronger than your old man. Note to self: cancel flight to Florida.

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I'd offer to help you Albert but I'd like this one for myself. And, I'm pretty sure with some fancy foot work, a distraction, and a team of highly trained and specialized ninja's, I might be able to take him.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I love that hat. I gather that you just make them up as you go along? I mean, no pattern? My hero. Sigh. Or is there a pattern for this one? I would love to try making it, but would not know where to begin. Any suggestions?


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Thanks for the compliments! I'll try to write out the pattern. I've never done that. This one is basically the same as the others I've been doing lately... just knitting and stranding in the round to the "top" and then knitting the flat top. For the actual fair isle patterns in this hat, I used numbers 5 and 10 on this page: and then for the top, I started with the right half of this key pattern ( but had to keep cutting it short as I decreased each top section.


I dunno, either hat would be my choice. Frank does amazing work.