My daughter's shrug - pics attached

Well, I just finished my daughter's Christmas present today! And, what an amazing feat. First of all it took about 500 more yards of yarn that the pattern said. Which was making me think I was making it VERY wrong. Then, the pattern didn't tell me which sides to sew up (other than one seam along the back which was obviously not quite enough). So, after getting it all put together it was to be "slightly" felted. Being clever and all, I called my daughter over to the house to try it on. She is 27 and majored in theater arts - with a minor in costuming, you'd think figuring out how to wear this would be a cinch for her. But it took us about a half an hour to figure out how it was to be worn. It seems we kept putting it on her upside down. So, once we figured that out off to be VERY SLIGHTLY felted it went - obviously an error in the pattern about the amount of yarn. The next time she's here I'll have her put model it so ya'll can see what it looks like. Actually, it's quite funky and fun looking....assuming it's on right side up now.

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I can't wait to see it. It looked nice at our last meeting.

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Hey Rick,

Sounds pretty great!! We must see a pic once she's got it on to model. Can't wait to see it. See you in a couple of weeks...


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So, is this a late present for 2007 or are you just really, really early for Christmas 2008? If it's the former, welcome to the procrastinator's club.....not only am I a member, I'm the president and spokesperson. If it's the latter, I hate you!, lol I'm debating leaving the lights up for another 5 months so I can say I'm running early for this year. And PICS! PICS! WE WANNA SEE PICS!!!

Very pretty......and your daughter too!

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oh it's beautiful! And what a gorgeous daughter you have.
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Looks terrific. Cuddly and warm. Excellent work. Thanks for the pics. Lovely daughter and she's got a very talented dad!

Wow! It looks awesome. I want to make one for myself! Please please please, where did you get the pattern? Drool..........


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First, let me apologize for not answering you sooner. I wish that the site notified you when there was a comment on the blogs like they do when you get an email! The pattern is in the Wrap Style book by Pam Allen & Ann Budd editors of Interweave Knits.

One thing to be sure of is don't "over" felt it. Unfortunately my daughter decided to put it through the dryer. So after wearing it once, it is now the size for a 3 year old and as stiff as cardboard. I think I'll return to making things for her that are washable!