Tetanus Shot

I am off to get my tetanus shot this aftenoon. I have started taking spinning lessons, had two of them, and my teacher will not let me touch the carding combs, and work with a fleece until I get the shot. I had no idea. lol. I guess it makes sense. I think I will be getting my fleece the end of the week. Little House on the Prairie. lol. Do I look like Melissa Gilbert???


Yea for you...it will be fun to spin...and yer prettier!

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Some of those combs can be pretty damn sharp, and if you're handling a lot of barnyard fiber that could be exposed to things as bad as Anthrax, a tetanus shot isn't a bad idea.

Minimally, you should wash your hands and avoid touching your face when you spin some of the more raw fibers.

And tucker303 is correct, you are prettier.

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ick. shots.

worth it though, I'm sure!

Grace and Peace,