need help again with 24 Carat Shawl

need help again with 24 Carats Shawl Pattern from ...... on row 25 it say maintaining eyelet pattern and increases, begin chart A1 as follows *k4, yo, s2kp2. yo*k4........ on the first and end panel i have 14 sts....... on the 3 middle panels i have 13..... i have 3 extra sts when i finish the k4, yo, s2kp2, k4 then i have those 3 extra stitches..... then i repeat the pattern back over and then i have 2 extra stitches ......... i'm gonna finish this row and see does it work out wish me some luck


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the pattern work out just fine....... when i start row 27 i found another problem this might now the shawl for me to make..........

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Glad it worked out! I can write some pretty sketchy patterns - but a lot of those Elann patterns are very very difficult to understand.
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I'm beginning to wonder if this shawl is worth the effort. There are better looking patterns that are easier to figure out.

Here is what I see going on.... the general idea of the shawl is to repeat the following four general rows:

Rows (25, 29, 33, 37....) are pattern rows: K2, YO, *(chart), YO, K1, SM, K1, YO* 4 times, (chart), YO, K2

Rows (26, 30, 34, 38....) are WS rows: K1, purl to last stitch, K1

Rows (27, 31, 35, 39....) have pattern from the chart, but no eyelets separating the panels: K2, *(chart), K1, SM, K1* 4 times, (chart), K2.

Rows (28, 32, 36, 40....) are WS rows: K1, purl to last stitch, K1

Now, the difficulty comes in working with the chart. The stitches taken from the chart "expand outwards" as you go on.

In Row 25, you have 11 stitches to work with. The center stitch is s2kp2 (using 3 stitches). The YOs on either side of that don't use up stitches on the needle, and that is all that is really important on the chart. That leaves 8 stitches left to knit. Putting four on each side of the pattern, you get: K4, yo, s2kp2, yo, K4.

Putting that into the (chart) section of the general row idea, the whole of row 25 becomes:

Row 25: K2, YO, *K4, YO, S2KP2, YO, K4, YO, K1, SM, K1, YO* 4 times, K4, YO, S2KP2, YO, K4, YO, K2

The next important row will be 27. There are now 13 stitches from the chart, since we increased in row 25. The chart pattern uses 5 stitches, leaving 8, which we again put 4 on each side. So, the (chart) insert becomes K4, YO, SSK, K1, K2tog, YO, K4, and the whole row becomes:

Row 27: K2, *K4, YO, SSK, K1, K2tog, YO, K4, K1, SM, K1* 4 times, K4, YO, SSK, K1, K2tog, YO, K4, K2

(Realistically that last K4, K2 would be a K6, but I'm leaving it separate for the sake of "direct insertion.")

I'm not sure how much sense that all made. See if you can figure out the next two pattern rows on your own, and double check them with what I get:

Row 29: K2, YO, *K1, S2KP2, YO, K5, YO, S2KP2, K1, YO, K1, SM, K1, YO* 4 times, K1, S2KP2, YO, K5, YO, S2KP2, K1, YO, K2

Row 31: K2, *K4, K2tog, YO, K3, YO, SSK, K4, K1, SM, K1* 4 times, K4, K2tog, YO, K3, YO, SSK, K4, K2

I hope that makes some sort of sense.

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This is an interesting pattern that I would not have seen except for this post. Thanks for the heads up. I think that it is a very pretty pattern and something that a beginner should be able to accomplish with very little if people writing patterns were only capable of actually writing them! I think that I may try this in panels on the knitting machine and connect the panels by hand.

Anyway, to you questions. As obviously have not taken more than 5-10 minutes to glance at this pattern BUT I see some symbols in the pattern that look VERY out of place. I think there are errors in rows 29, 39, 49, 59, 73, 91, 107, 123 and 149. At the farthest outside edge of each diamond they have placed a s2kp2 that I think should either be a ssk, yo or yo, k2tog (depending on side). If you do the s2kp2 as written you will be losing 2-4 sts per repeat on that row...I'm not sure that you want to do that as the pattern is suppose to be getting wider.
MMario, are you seeing this also, or is it just me? Good Luck whatever you decide to do.

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I'm embarrassed that I didn't catch that, given that I spent much more than 5 minutes trying to puzzle out the pattern.

I honestly don't know what was intended there... it seems too regular to be a mistake, but it doesn't seem like the stitches add up properly as the pattern is written. All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not attempting this one, as I'm already bald so I'd have to ripping out scalp instead of hair.

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If you look at their photo - they appear to have actually used the s2kp2 on those rows - you can see the stitches. I suspect you don't lose enough stitches to prevent it blocking out flat and with a pleasing growth of the panels - so I would consider it a "design feature" *grin*

The directions aren't very thorough, in my opinion, and the chart is probably more hindrance then help!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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OK, so I've spent a couple of hours trying to decipher this pattern. I even had to pull out needles and cast this beastly thing on in primary colored acrylic yarn cause that's all I had with me (baby stuff ya know). Lordy, this pattern is so bad this white man is talking to himself and sounding like a black woman...oh no I di-unt'! LOL. I've been knitting for 23 years, have designed numerous patterns and knit 100's of them and I've NEVER seen a pattern this bad! First of all, if you were even able to get to row 2 without some head scratching and cussing, your better than I am. This pattern was obviously not test knit, or even the math checked...but I guess that what you get for free ;). I have always told my students at an Inc(rease) and a M1 ARE NOT interchangeable and this is a perfect example of that! The pattern calls for M1's that should be Inc's or the math does not work and even just replacing M1 with Inc doesn't fix this pattern. If anyone is ever brave enough to try this pattern, give me a shout and I'll send you my corrected rows 1-7.

I think that if you've gotten to row 27 that you have most of the problems behind you. One aside, the charts are not very well done, surprise! They do not show you how many plain knit sts are before and after the lace sts. Starting on row 25 and draw a line 4 sts before and after the "o", on rows 27 and 29 move one st out and continue to increase 1 sts for every 2 rows there after, this accounts for the increase that you are making on each side of the marked stitch. Clear as mud yet? As I mentioned in my other post, and both MMario and Celowin both graciously commented on; s2kp2 on the outside of the diamond point can be knit as published or with a /O or \O. I hope that I've been on some help on this project and if anyone see something that I'm missing or am "full of" let me know! LOL.

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Well you have been a massive help for me! I'm removing this one from my to do list. I have enough headaches.

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