Part finished Sanquhar Glove

I've had a similar problem to Lars.  I copied this Sanquhar glove from a tiny photograph using a magnifying glass believe or not (I must get out more...).  Everything was fine until division for the fingers.  Inorder to make the pattern run up the fingers and not to twist around one has to add more stitches than would ordinarily be needed.  Think about it:  the index and little fingers form triangles whereas the middle and ring ringers form squares.  Hence the abandoned glove 'cos you end up with two tight fingers and two baggy ones.

I have since found two useful sites -




so I intend attempting to finish it off once more


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Good luck, Simon! That's a really beautiful piece of work...

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Very nice gloves and beautifully knitted too! Have you find out what was wrong with the pattern or are you still figuring that out?