A question for hem.

I am planning to hem the neckband on my current sweater project. I have not done this before. From what I have read I should either reduce the stitches or use smaller needles for the folded-in part. But how many sizes smaller needle should I use or by what percentage should I decrease the stitches? Thanks folks.


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How exactly are you planning on doing this? There are several ways. 1. Pickup and knit from the neckline, fold it over and stitch it to the inside. 2. Do it the same way but stitch it to the outside (this will only work in reversible fabric such as ribbing). 3. Cast on with waste yarn, knit the band (flat so you will need to seem in back), knit more waste yarn, fold in half and sandwich the neckline between the two sides of the band. I would deal with band option 1 knit it up to the fold, go down one needle size, knit a few rows, dec about 5-7% of the sts knit a few more rows and dec 5-7% more and maybe after a few more rows dec one more neelde size. But it depends on so much, just don't make it too tight so that it does not stretch over the head. For option 2, you would pick up the sts on a smaller needle and do some increases as you knit toward the fold, switch to larger needles and maybe inc a few more sts on the outside of the fold. For option 3, you want to do a combination of the 2, start with more sts and larger needles, dec sts and needle size, work through the fold and then dec the needle and sts again to what you started with. Doing it this way creates some automatic shaping to the band and allows it to lay nice and flat. Regardless of which method you choose I personally would not bind of the sts and then sew it down, sew it down with a nice backstitch from the live stitches and you will have a much more flexible neckline.