Second entry.

Well I finished the Cobblstone sweater three days ago,and am quite pleased with it. The front placket looks great. The trouble is I really should redo the placket and neckband to correct a couple of glitches. In the meantime I have begun Mr. Flood's Koolhaas Hat.Next is another Cobblstone for a friend. Does anyone else visit ? This guys site is an inspiration. His construction hits the spot for me.Even though it is all based on EZ's recipies, his tweeking makes the difference, a lot of style here.


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I agree with you. His site is great. By the way, how does the cobblestone fit? Am curious since there is so much garter stitch. Wondered if the sweater stretches out while you wear it. Will you post pictures of it? Would love to see your work.

The sweater fits great right now. The reason I knit the garter stitch on one size smaller needles was to compensate for stretching.Also I have found that garter stitch used as cuffs and bands puffs out unless it is knit one to two sizes smaller than the stockinette. Pictures, I'm working on it.

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Brooklyntweed is my favorite knitting blog. His posts and pictures are inspiring!

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I really want to do the adult Tomten...
should probably do EZ's baby one first....

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I also would love to see the finished sweater. I am currently knitting one myself. Jared Flood is a God!



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Looks great on Jared but I didn't think it fit the other models (that I saw on ravelry projects) very well. Maybe Jared just knit it more carefully or he just has the perfect body for the Cobblestone sweater.

I forgot to say that it feels very different through the shoulders, not confining. Ihave never worn a round yolk before so time will tell. I did taper the body from hips to chest as I like it loose through the chest and not too much fullness around the hips.

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Yes I would like to see pics of it as well. What yarn did you use?