Love it! Love it! Love it!

I absolutely love my new Options Harmony interchangeable set from!! I am working the basketweave scarf from in Patons SWS Natural Earth. Yeah, I know! Why a flat scarf on beautiful circulars? I wanted to do that scarf for myself and I wanted to try out the new needles.

I tend to be a very tight knitter. Therefore, the wonderful smoothness of these wooden needles are great for me. The yarn slides very easily along these needles. They almost have a mirrored finish. I have been checking every few rows to see if they are getting scratched... nothing yet and I am halfway through the first ball of yarn.

Anyhoo... I just wanted to throw out my recommendation for these needles!



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Welcome to the club, I have nothing but love for these needles. I also knit tightly and have found these to aid in my knitting. Also, it's funny you mentioned it because I seem to have the same obsession of periodically checking my Harmony needles for scratches. Unfortunately I had two needle tips in my set I found to be defective (one with a splintered tip and one with a poor lacquer finish), I contacted KnitPicks and they sent me a new set of each damaged size. The replacements they sent are perfect, KnitPicks really seems to stand by their products. I need to settle down now, I'm entirely too giddy about these needles.


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Hey, I share in your giddiness! LOL Also, great to hear that KnitPicks stands behind their products!

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I love mine...and a drop of superglue on the tip if it begins to snag...will help...

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I am thinking of getting an interchangeable set because I want to knit this doggy bed, but it requires three different lengths of one size circular needle, and I already know I'm never gonna use at least the largest size again. Good to know you like them!

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Does it *require* 3 different lengths - or does it just happen to be easier that way.

I've fit 6 feet worth of stitches in worsted onto a 24 inch needle - it wasn't fantastic - but it worked.

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after seeing the practicality of circulars I knit on nothing but, unless I happen to need a size I don't have in a circular. (yes I know, I'm working on getting them all!) I love them for knitting sleeves since I have the whole "one sleeve longer than the other" paranoia so I knit them both at once. And because all the weight isn't carried on just one needle I find I have less pain in my wrists while knitting. Not a thing wrong with knitting something flat on circs.
I love my Knitpicks Options too :)

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The only time I knit flat is if I want (or have the opportunity) to do something with my 'nice' needles. I have several sets of expensive needles in hardwoods (rosewood, palm, etc.) that are simply beautiful. They don't make the knitting any easier, but they DO add to my enjoyment of the process as I just admire how pretty they are.

In terms of practicality, the interchangeables can't be beat. And like Yugi, I needed to buy a long cable that I will probably never use again. I think it cost me like $6!!! But then it rolls up, slides into a little pouch, and is there if I do need it.

Enjoy the interchangeables...mine are my 'first reach' when I get ready to start something. (At least in terms of knitting...)

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Ouch! I should hope so.

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I want to get a set too. But I'm debating whether I want the Nickel-Plated ones or the Harmony.

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I plan to get both, it's nice to have a wood set with a little grab for those slippery yarns and it's nice to have 2 of a needle size. I love my Options needles. I have had a problem with the cables, on two of them the end came off, but I called KP and they sent out replacement cables for both of them, one was a 60" and the other was 32" and they sent out two of each to replace the one that pulled apart. And I think the new ones I got are actually improved so this problem may no longer even exist :)
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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You can take the bad ones and reglue them using a small amout of Gorilla Glue. I have not had any problems with mine but there were a few posts on Ravelry about this. Those that did the regluing, cut the cables and made shorter cables, ie; 16 & 18 inch.



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yeah I made 18" the length of the tips just made 16" way too impractical to me.
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American