My first pair of sox - completed

i had a lot of fun making these, though the pattern is sometimes confusing

also, i made them outta wool (cause i had a half-ball laying around).....but ran out of it on the 2nd sock, so that explains the colorway :P

hope ya like, lemme know whatchya think


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PagenCub... They look great! I've run out of yarn like that before -- It's frustrating, but at least you were working top-down. If you wear them no one will know!

Welcome to the wonderful world of socks.

Grace and Peace,

Neat knitted socks - and who says they have to match exactly.

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DOBBY SOCKS ROCK! They're great :) and I love that they don't match exactly. Ever since I was 5 and my mother put me to match my own socks when she did laundry I have hated matching socks, the only reason my socks match most of the time is that I usually always buy the same kind of socks, (I do have the occasional colored sock in there)
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I think you could start a trend. The fact that they don't match is the best! I need a pair. They remind me a bit of the Conrad Gloves pattern that used to be on the V&A website.


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They look great! Maybe I'll give in this year and make a pair of socks (as if I don't already have a hundred things on my to-do list!) And I think the added hidden color adds to their charm.

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thanks, guys, for your comments :D
i cant wait to do my next pair; thinkin out of a washable wool this time though
i'm glad ya'll liked

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