Knitting as art...?

I have this idea...and was just curious if anyone has ever heard of people knitting artwork? By that I mean, they don't paint or draw a scene, but they knit one. I ask because I got this book called 440 more Knitting Stitches. Many of them are just kind of meh. Some are just brilliant. And several are so hideous I can't imagine ANYONE knitting them... Nevertheless, one of the knit stitches is a brick pattern and I suddenly had this flash of knitting a nice brick wall with a blue sky above it, then knittnig a plush Humpty Dumpty and using a post to affix him. Just sounded fun.


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Well, leaving aside the obvious observation that all knitting is artwork, yes, you can knit scenery. That's what intarsia was made for. Here's a blog post that has some photos. And here is a site that sells sweater patterns with intarsia images of animals. It can be a bit fiddly, especially if you're working with a large number of colors, but it's a technique that allows you to "paint" whatever you want with your yarn.

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I mean...I know about intarsia and all that. I was more referring to actual 3-D stuff. Like a cross between "painting" and "sculpting", I guess. :-)

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I think you're talking about 'free form knitting'. I think HPNY knits does that kind of stuff:

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have a look at our website:
Have fun, Jan


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Oops - double posting.

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Wonderful and inspiring. My own art may take a new look and adventure.

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I love this.

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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I'm doing several large art pieces that are felted. Is that what you mean?

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I think a textured wall panel would be quite do-able. I mean, after all, when you say a 'brick wall with a blue sky above it' your basically talking a a square or rectangular afghan, half in one color using the 'brick' stitch and half in a blue color using something like stockinette or garter stitch.

Then since you've already proven yourself adept at knitting three-dimensional critters (I DO think the wall needs a squirrel running along the top) you could probably come up with a Humpty-Dumpty. As long as he's not too heavy, just sew him onto the afghan in the proper place and make sure your wall supports are well-anchored and then hang the sucker up for all to see!! Sounds cool.

AND...If you were willing to invest the time to make something that large with smaller needles and a smaller-gauged yarn, I'd be willing to bet that from a distance of a few feet it wouldn't even look too much like knitting, more like fabric art. Imagine how cool to tell people "Look closer, that's knitting, and I done did 'dat!!!"

Let us know how it goes if you decide to proceed.


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There is a math group that is knitting and crocheting various equations and creating a "croal reef" with the results.

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This chick seems to think her work is some kind of art:
Look at her all proud of her knitted Porsche

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Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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Knit and crochet soft sculpture have been around a long time. It was sort of my "thing" in art school. My first piece was a crochet pink flamingo - I was in to all things kitche at the time. All of my stuff was crochet but I've seen some great knitted stuff. My favorite was a full size knitted women seated knitting a baby. If I run across the image I'll post it. It was so funny and the craftsmanship was astounding.


I wish I were knitting now.

Check out the book _New Directions in Knitting_ by Debbie New
There are many sculptural pieces in it, including a knitted teacup.
If it's not functional, it must be art, right?

Seriously, though, there are some amazing pieces in it.

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I LOVE this string of knit art!!