First hand-spun knit up!

Start & Finish: 25th January 2008
Yarn: My own hand-spun, "Bracken Ridge" from Ewe Give Me The Knits
Needles: 4.5 mm / 60 cm Addi Turbos
Pattern: Simple 25 stitches garter stitch, inspired/copied from Brooklyntweed's Espresso Scarf
Notes: I'm using the navajo-ply at each end of the it's a bit chunkier there. I'm using three traditional deer-horn button commonly used in traditional Tracht here in (Bavaria) Germany. And yes, they are made from real horn and not the cheap-o plastic imitation...these ones cost about EUR 4 each.

Yay! My first official FO in 2008!

Well, I didn't have enough yardage for a proper scarf, so I had to be a bit creative here. I have to admit that the idea for this piece had been around my mind for quite some time now, but the very first time I've seen it knit up was when KnitBoy1 did his one. And funnily enough, Cauchy09 also recently knit one herself. :-)

The piece is super-soft and I like the fact that it's my own hand-spun. Although I'm not sure whether I would really ever wear this or not. I really like the rustic look of the yarn and the buttons just add to that. I didn't even make a nice edge for the scarf. I thought that it would add more to the character....and I think it really did.


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Beautiful work! The colors are great. I definitely think you should wear it out.



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It's fab! the yarn is just beautiful.
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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This is stunning! Sorry if it sounds strange, but did you knit buttonholes or is the scarf fastened in a different way with the buttons serving as a decoration? If the buttons are decoration, what do you use to fasten the scarf? I'm very interested in this design.



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Oh, no special thing. I did button holes. :-)

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Beautifully done. Was this spun from roving? What breed of wool is it?

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I spun it from 22 micron merino top. :-)

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I think it's quite dashing.

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I would wear that in a heartbeat!! I've got a great tan, faux-suede long-sleeved shirt that would look fabulous with that!!

Curious about the pattern: Is the piece the same width on both ends? From the picture, it looks like the end that's on the outside (and lower) is wider than the inside end...but that may be perspective. Did you create three buttonholes so that it could be matched up, or just the one buttonhole so that it's always worn on an angle?

Even though I couldn't add in any personally handspun yarn, I could certainly find some commercial yarn to do this with. In fact, I WANT TO KNIT THIS!!!

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Thanks. Well, because I spun the second batch of singles thinner than the first batch, I ended up with some left after plying. So, I decided to navajo-ply the rest which resulted in a slightly thicker weight yarn that I used on both ends. That's why the width on the ends is a bit bulkier than in the middle. And yes, I made button holes.

Terrific! Another thing to add to my list....and someday that swallowtail you did. You have talent.