I'm looking for a commercially (or semi-commercially) available long stapled wool or wool blend in a weight anywhere from lightworsted to bulky that can be brushed (IE: It should be singles, NOT plied). It doesn't have to be very soft... The garment will probably be lined...but it should be able to brushed to a furry surface treatment. Any ideas?

It should be hard wearing...Not susceptable to pilling.


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Have you tried schoolhousepress.com. It's EZ's daughter's company. I think they have what you want.


Is this it?

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I don't think so. The yarn I have is definately spun..It has to be, to lock in the fibers as it will be brushed...Though, I might try getting some and running it through my Louet and experimenting.

Thanks for the reference, I truly appreciate it.

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You say "wool" so I assume you are talking about roving or fleece, not yarn. Try R.H. Lindsey online. They are in Boston. I have ordered from them before and been satisfied. I think you'll find something useable there.

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No, I mean yarn.... I have fleece and roving coming out my ears.... (not literally...I trim my ear hair...but you know what I mean)...

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YOu might want to check WEAVING yarns....
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I've been playing around recently with Bobin 'yarn' from Järbo. It is a long staple Icelandic wool. However it is not spun, but is used as is from the bobin in a pencil roving like form. Maybe you could spin it, and then brush the resulting garment (or try brushing a knitted swatch made from the unspun 'yarn'). Even though you have to use a light touch when knitting this stuff, the fabric itself is quite tough.

here's a webpage about it:

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could you add a mohair yarn...and knit with a double strand???
I use a fine fuzzy mohair along with a nice alpaca/wool....