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Hi Guys,
I am really enjoying reading the posts on this site and was wondering if you guys can help me. I have some extra skeins of Cascade 220 laying about and I am looking for a project idea. I've got 2 skeins of a light baby blue and 3 skeins of a deep brown. Any thoughts on a project and/or a pattern I can use them on? I don't want to just make a scarf but I'm still a bit new to knitting. I'll take any suggestions I can get.



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If you are a member of Ravelry (or know someone who is), you can find what other people have done with the same yarn. I've done that myself and came up with the Leisel scarf pattern that I made for my mother for Christmas.
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Cascade 220 works great for felting (or fulling to be accurate).

Felted slipper clogs would look great with a blue top and a brown sole. I like FiberTrends design, but you might also go with a free option on the web like this one.

I'll be interested to find out what you decide on.

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Ohhhh! now I know what I'm going to do with the patons wool I have! thanks Joe!

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If you have someone who'd use a shawl - either colour should have enough to do a "Faux Spanish Lace" shawl - and it's a good pattern to learn the basics of lace.

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You can knit a basic rectangle as if to make a scarf and then seam up one side, do ribbing in the round at the bottom and create a very nice hood.

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a felted bag would be awesome out of blue and brown... check out and you'll find a pattern there (I think it was published in 2006) -