Grandma's "Lehmus" Shawl

I've been working on my first lace project. It is the Lehmus shawl pattern and I'm making if for my grandmother. I'm using Lion Brand Wool-Ease on size 8 needles, as I wanted a heavier shawl. She'll be going into the hospital at the end of February for hip surgery. I'm hoping this will help keep her warm and ease her anxiety during her stay.

Lehmus Shawl - 01.27.08

I was a little intimidated at the begining and it took me a few tries to get started. Most of the pattern is in another language and I didn't see where it told me to purl every even row, I had to figure that out for myself. I also had a difficult time following every stitch on the chart, however it became easy once I figured out what each stitch did and how it worked with the row below. Now I don't have to refer to the chart as much. Let's hope it continues to go well, I still have much more to knit before it's finished.

Lehmus Shawl - 01.08.08


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Wow, that is so pretty...Not sure I will ever get the guts to attempt lace work...would love to, but it kinda scares me....course I am so new that maybe in a year or two I will feel totally different. But great job, it looks beautiful!

Beautiful job, and an even more beautiful sentiment behind it.

Uh, good luck to ya. Pretty advanced stuff for a beginning project in lace, I think, but: what the Hell. Just don't get frustrated AND: USE LIFE LINES AND STITCH MARKERS TO seperate your pattern repeats.

Oh, and don't forget to breathe.
~Mike in Tampa
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Great job. Wonderful to have another lace knitter in our midst. My guess is you'll get addicted. Your Grandmother is one lucky woman to have such a caring grandson. Wishing her the best.

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it's beautiful. All my best to your grandmother. I love it when you guys make someone what my daughter calls "hug gifts" I'm a mush deep down inside.
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MIke - I think this guy is a natural at lace - he's on his fifth or sixth repeat of chart 2 and it isn't even written in his native tongue!

Can't wait to see the finished project.

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Really sumputuous color. Nice work, hope to see the finished shawl.

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Beautiful work, beginner or not! I'm sure your grandma will love it.



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Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement! I'll be sure to post an image of the finished product!