Interchangeable circulars??????

Okay, so I have decided to say screw it to just getting circulars individually. It wouldn't have been a problem until I ran across this dog bed pattern that calls for a size 10 circular needle in THREE DIFFERENT LENGTHS!!!!!! Okay, so I thought, "No biggie," and got ready to buy one of the interchangeable circular kits from Knit Picks, but see that they only come with two different lengths of cable? Wha...? I mean, yeah, they give you two of each length and you can smoosh them together, but the shortest length they list is 24", and because my dog bed will be the small size, I need a 12-inch cable. Does anyone know of any GOOD, high quality interchangeable kits that have a wider variety of cable lengths? Or at least a 12-inch cable? I don't really fancy buying a freaking kit and then jaunting over to my LYS just to buy another circular needle...I mean that's what buying this kit is meant to prevent...


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i'm not sure they make cables that small. I would use dpn's or magic loop it


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the Denise needle sets come with smaller cables. They are not metal however, they're plastic. I have 2 sets of Denise needles, 1 set of Knit Picks Options and a bunch of Addis. If it is a small area of circular knitting, I'd just do it with Magic Loop as previously suggested.

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I have one set of Denise needles and I love them. I've had them for about 4 years and they've been great. There are about 6-7 different lengths of cables in the set and they can all be snapped together to make even more lengths. Check them out at Good luck!


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You could always just use two circular needles instead of changing the cable length.

Just put half the stitches on one needle, and half on the other, and you'll never have to switch cable will accommodate 8 stitches or 800 stitches.

If you've never done this, it's very easy, even though it may be hard to picture.

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Actually, the Knit Picks Options circular needle cables come in 24", 32", 40", 47" and 60" lengths. But you're right. They don't have a 12" cable. Note: When they say (for example) 24" cable, that doesn't mean the cable is 24" long. It means when you put the tips onto the cable, the whole circular needle will be 24". I agree with the others -- I'd just magic loop it using a needle that's at least 32" long.

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With the KP sets, the extra longer cables are quite inexpensive...something like $6 for two cables, I think.

For the smaller diameter stuff, I just use dpns or magic loop. I know lots of folks prefer magic loop, but personally I like my dpns. I'm just more used to handling and working with them.

The problem with a shorter cable with the interchangeables comes from the length of the needle tips. The tips are about 4 inches each. Remember, as Tom mentioned, the length of a circular needle is measured needle tip to needle tip, not the length of the cable that connects them. With the interchangeables, if you put the two needles tip-to-tip, you need at least a 10 inch cable to make any kind of a decent circle, and even that would probably be too small. 24" tip-to-tip is about the smallest you can get with the interchangeables.

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Thanx for the suggestions, everyone.

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One thing about knit picks is the CS is unmatched anywhere. I called just yesterday with a problem about one of my cables, they are replacing them no questions asked, during the course of the conversation I told her I had a minor problem with my binder and they are also replacing the binder. A few months back I had bought some yarn that was just breaking like crazy, and they replaced it. I have never had to ship things back to them and have never gotten anyone that was anything less than pleasant, knowledgeable and absolutely wonderful to deal with. I know of no other company that gives the service KP does.
Yeah I sound like a commercial. But it's a rare thing this days to find a company who really WANTS thier customers to be happy

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Clover makes both plastic circulars in 30cm (12") and 40cm (15"), and bamboo in 40cm, as well as a set of interchangeables that include a 40cm cord. I've found the 30cm plastic ones surprisingly useful for making handwarmers, and the package also suggests using them for sleeves. But then again, as men, you guys are proly OK with the long-corded circulars.

Plastic 30cm:



The bamboo ones are a part of the Takumi series:

This page has size conversions for Japanese and American needles:

I know Purl Soho used to carry one size of the 30cm plastic, but I personally haven't looked up US stockists for these small circulars. There's so much great yarn and knitting supplies here—I live in Tokyo—that I'm sometimes tempted to start a mail-order service. James Dean yarn, anyone?