squashed knitting

I have never knitted in a group before last night. Sure, on occasion I've knitted with one other person, but group action was something that wasn't part of my knitting repartoire.

Until last night...

I had an informal gathering at my house of a female (yes, it's true) friend and Darrel (a charming lad with a fine taste in music and ginger). After an hour or two of toiling over squash, lentils and rice, we enjoyed a delicious curried stew. But who cares about food?

Knitting together was fun. As I faced having to un-knit a few rounds of my mittenette (like recipes, it behooves one to carefully read a pattern and not assume a thing!), it was great to have company around for their moral support. As always, unravelling was a learning experience, so I feel I'm understanding shaping better, as well as the pattern.

It was three times the usual joy of knitting as I got to watch the progress of not just mine, but two other projects. I look forward to an even bigger future group knits.

Tonight it's back to solo knitting, as the boyfriend falls asleep in front of the TV. One mittenette will be completed, barring any tragedies. I may even be able to start its partner!