First Cobblestone

I started a Cobblestone sweater a few days ago... got about an inch or two done until I realized I was using size 8s instead of 7s and it was turning out too big. So I frogged it and started again with size 7s. Doing much better. The yarn is actually from a sweater I did for myself last year. It didn't look or feel right so I frogged the whole thing and am starting again with the Cobblestone pattern. I'm using Lamb's Pride worsted weight and it's either Brown Bear, Chocolate Souffle or Roasted Coffee, I'm not sure. I'm adding a small stripe of Oatmeal around the waist and will probably do so on the cuffs and the neck. Will post another pic when finished.


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It's the little details that can make or break a project - and the touch of aotmeal I think will bring this up not down.
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I agree that the oatmeal definitely brings your sweater up, and it may lower your colesterol as well.

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Great start, I like the stripe. I am thinking about doing something similar at the neck band when I get that far but haven't decided yet.



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I love that sweater. I recently put it into my projects to do binder. Great color and yarn chioce, Lamb's Pride is my favorite of all yarns to work with. Make sure you post pics of the finished piece - I really want to see it.

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