New Features

I've added two new features to the site.

The first is the ability to rate content. Registered members now have the option to rate content on the site. Content with the highest rating will appear in the "Best of MWK" block on the left sidebar. You'll now see "rate this" links on the front summary page and a new dropdown menu and Vote button on each individual page of content.

I've also updated the Tracker module. The voting results are now integrated and all columns are sortable.

For those of you who haven't used it, the tracker is a tool used to keep track of any content you've created or discussions you've participated in. Just click the My Account link on the left sidebar, then click Track. Everything you see in a listing is something you've either written or commented upon. With this, you can stay involved in a particular discussion even after it's moved off the home page.

You can also track other user's posts. If you have a favorite MWK Guru, click the Track tab under his user profile to see what he's been contributing to the site. To view user profiles, click the author's name under any of his posts or view the member list from the top navigation bar.

If you just want to stay up to date on the most recent activity on the site, click the Recent Posts tab in the left sidebar.

All of these methods keep track of the last time you viewed a particular blog entry, image, or forum topic and alert you if any new comments have been made since the last time you looked. It's a very nifty tool.