"....and Leon's getting LARRRRGER!!"

So, I've joined the two front pieces and the back of the sweater I'm making (Basketcase Jacket from Men in Knits) and it looks HUGE! My guage is spot on and the measurements are right, but it looks so big! My co-worker (not a knitter) told me it will be fine, and it is a jacket after all, but OMG!!! I'll get a picture tonight I hope and will post it, but I'm feeling a little freaked.

On the bright side, now I know the 3 needle bind off! A new trick for the repertoire! Yay!



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Now, now, don't get your knitting in a twist. We all experience knitter's jitters from time to time. Remember, your knitting is not set in concrete (or if it is, find a new LYS).

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Too damn big.

If it ends up too big...all the way around, and it's wool, you can shrink by degrees by wetting the sweater and throwing it in the dryer for 5 minute increments. I've got some of my most favorite sweaters by buying XXL and XXXL sweaters on ridiculous sale and felting them down to fit.

OR, just remember that handknit, is fabric still, and it can be tailored on a sewing machine if you know how. (I do this a lot for people as a side business, along with vintage knitwear repair).

You'll probably put it on and love how it looks...just watch.

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Glad to hear the 3 needle bind-off went well. I think your co-worker is probably right, it's a jacket and from what I remember seeing yesterday, it won't be too big. It will be great, you'll see.


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Glad somebody caught the quote! I am often surprised how often I quote it. "funny he never has a second cup of coffe at home, maybe he's just and a@@hole!" is a favorite!

I love that movie....lots of dry humor. The tupperware party, Mrs Cleaver....and so on.