I'm waiting on buttons, which by the way, are more expensive than the freaking baby sweaters.

These are for twin boys, and I thought I share with ya'll.


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I swear to God I would look cute in that. I can't tell the size from the pics - how old are the boys? And you're making two identical?

I wish I were knitting now.

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They aren't born yet. Those are for about 6 months old. There is an adult version too. IT's the Baby Surprise JAcket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, all knit in one piece.

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That's wonderful. Is it your own design?
I love the kimono shaping...I want to see pictures of the kids in them if you can.

This totally rocks.

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Beautiful! I would also love to know the pattern. I feel like I've seen something similar before but maybe not. The sweaters are gorgeous. A round of applause...


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It's called the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann

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Adorable! I love the color combinations.



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The colors do harmonize beautifully. What buttons are you using?

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I'm going to use horn walnut color toggle buttons.

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It looks lovely! (One reason I hardly ever knit cardigans is that buttons are so expensive.) Asplund


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I am working on a cardigan now, and I've actually comissioned buttons from a beadmaker I know. She's really excited about it. I don't know what she's going to charge me for them, but maybe I'll offer labor for labor and knit her something!


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Very cute!

Absolutely wonderful, great colors and what great stitch work...all even....

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I always go to a thrift store to look for buttons, they have great selection, mostly vintage and definitely cheaper. Garage sales as well.

The sweater is very nice looking, given me and idea for an adult sweater. Good Job! Just make sure the buttons are not made in China, may have lead!

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Great job. Looks awesome.

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Very cute! you did a fabulous job Kenny :)

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Looks great. I'm looking forward to trying an EZ pattern.